About us

Welcome to our home, the place for all celebrations. Throughout the years we have found that catering is not only a job covering simple needs, but a delicate art the ultimate goal of which is to create unforgettable moments.

For over 50 years, we have been working to fulfill our customers’ needs, and we pride ourselves on offering the best quality out there, looking after even the tiniest detail so that you feel at home with us.

Weddings, dinner parties, family meetings, conventions, conferences, corporate parties, openings, birthdays and anniversaries, marketing events… Peña-Mea is the place to celebrate anything you can imagine.

Our facilities

Our restaurant sits very close to Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés, at the heart of Asturias and offers big garden areas and breathtaking views. It sits on a 40,000 square meters estate at the center of Llanera.


The main building consists of two floors, where our five different rooms are distributed. Every room is individually climatised and isolated.

Laviana y Llanera

OUR BIG TWINS. These are our two main rooms and are located on the first floor. They are identical, completely open but rearrangeable with dividing panels. Each is 500 sq. meters and sits 300 people. They can be joined to fit up to 1000 people. Each has its own bar, cloakroom, a stage and a room for the bride including a safe and a dresser.

Villoria, Guyame y San Cucao.

The three smaller rooms are on the ground floor and can each sit up to 40 people. They can be joined to allocate a 200 people party for conferences and other events.

El Mesón

Our mesón offers two private rooms seating 30 people each, also joinable as a single, bigger space.


Beyond our rooms, we have lots of little spots in our outdoors area that will provide a great background for your event pictures. 6,000 sq. meters of garden and green areas designed to provide your event with that little something extra. Within our garden area lies our covered children’s corner, safely fenced and protected.

We also offer a large, managed parking area that allocates up to 400 vehicles, and our canine nursery.

Our Team

Our staff is the brand of our house.

Over one hundred people make sure that everything runs smoothly. With their commitment, care and great skills, they will work so that you can focus on enjoying your event. Our work is always done with a smile on our faces.

Everyone is key, from the maintenance manager to the head of room, waiters, entertainers, chefs, cleaners, support staff,… we would not be the same without them. Thank you all!