Restaurante Peña-Mea is one of the most enchanting settings for your wedding day celebration in Asturias. Our offer to you is an exquisite catering service and a wedding banquet that will satisfy all of your guests. Our whole team’s commitment is making your wedding day the happiest one in your life.

Do you want to celebrate everything in one place, avoiding trips to your guests? We can perform your civil ceremony in our exclusive facilities for it. We will guide you in everything you need.

Our restaurant sits very close to Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés. Placed in Llanera, at the heart of Asturias, which makes it one of the best places to celebrate with your guests’ convenience in mind.



Our culinary offer is really broad and will easily adapt to your preferences. Our menu can also be made to fit any dietary requirements from you or your guests, so that everyone can enjoy your most special day.

Professional Photography

Looking to keep the best moments from your wedding forever? We can recommend some of the best photographers in Asturias, who will show the best face of your celebration.

Entertainment for children

The youngest ones also wish to enjoy their particular celebrations, so we are offering an assortment of activities for children with our expert entertainers.

DJ & Entertainment

Our DJ, along with our music and light system and other entertainers will definitely help you enjoy your party your way.


If you wish, we can help you with a lot of details: decoration of rooms, minutes and floral decorations, protocol, sitting plan, video and photography, transfers of guests, DJ and children’s entertainment …

Other services

We offer many varied additional services, such as a private room for the newlyweds, cloakroom, wedding car rentals, coaches for guests rentals,…


Wedding planning convention

We yearly organise our Feria de Novios, a wedding planning convention. On it, we help you pick the best service providers for your wedding.

If you need us to, we can get you in touch with the best industry professionals in Asturias with whom -given their close relationship with us- we are sure you will have a great and fulfilling experience.